Kelsey hosts this week, and she is glad. Because that means there's less of Mark. We do our news segment where we talk about Clerks III finally being made, Tom Holland's iteration of Spider-Man staying in the MCU for another movie and Jordan Peele's Monkey Paw striking a five year deal with Universal Pictures. Not Universal Forge, like Kelsey thought.
Our Recent Review is Joker. This is not a Joke. Does it hit the mark? Does it fall short? Who is the Joker here? Is it you? Todd Phillips? I think he hopes it's you, but it's probably him.
Kelsey tortured Mark's poor soul with a certain rap song from the '80s. It warmed her cold heart. More precisely, Mark's reaction to the music video,  The Karate Rap.
Our Geriatric Cinematic review is Taxi Driver. As Martin Scorsese complains about the MCU and Todd Phillips complains about "woke culture", we follow a man who complains about true filth. We should all aspire to be like none of them. Less complaining, people!
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News - 4:05
Joker - 16:30
Spoilers - 21:54
What The F&*K Did We Just Watch?  - The Karate Rap 49:06
Geriatric Cinematc - Taxi Driver (1976) 57:52
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