Mark is hosting again! Rejoice! Kelsey co-hosts and we have a special guest, Judy Manning!
It's all Rambo, all the time. Except when it isn't. We introduce Judy Manning of Your Entertainment Corner and talk about how we met. Everyone is dying to know. 
Our Recent Review is Rambo: Last Blood. There is nothing we've left unsaid, especially because Judy was there to make us tow the line. She's a ball-buster, that one. There was a hell of a lot to say. A. Hell. Of. A. Lot.
Back to Judy, as Mark asks her really nosy questions. Where is she from? Where does she work? Yada yada yada. Mark, mind your own business. Seriously.
Our Geriatric Cinematic review is Rambo: First Blood Part II. This movie came out before Kelsey was born, but hey, it was still a lot of fun and Judy brings up a few good points. Kelsey and Mark slack off and bring up nothing of value, but you're used to that.

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Meeting Judy - 2:20

Rambo: Last Blood - 15:55

Spoilers - 33:12

Getting To Know Judy - 1:21:32

Geriatric Cinematic - Rambo: First Blood Part II (1985) 1:38:19


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