Well, hello there everyone! We have an awesomely American episode for you this week, following the holiday celebrating the independence of our great, great nation.
In the news, we go over the birth of a new Fallout TV series with Amazon, the death of Ennio Morricone, and the production revival of some franchises like Mission: Impossible 7 and The Batman like zombies after the apocalypse.
Our Variety Time covers Disney possibly starting wars with new Deepfake-like technology that promises to be so realistic, it'll cause nightmares. Who knew the "House of Mouse" could take such a turn? You can see their new technology here.
We have two wild Geriatric Cinematics this week, both American themed. First up is American Ninja. Who could turn away such pointy-jawed entertainment? Next, we have Born on the 4th of July, which sees a young Tom Cruise screaming NSFW expletives at his own mother.
Next week's show is all about searching for the American dream! Our Recent Review will be A24's First Cow. The Kelly Reichardt film hits VOD on Friday. We'll see if that pie in the sky story can compete with our Geriatric Cinematic, 1983's Scarface.  You can find Brian De Palma's classic film to rent on Amazon, YouTube, and Apple iTunes or most likely in your DVD collection. 

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News - 2:20

Geriatric Cinematic -American Ninja (1985) 26:29

Variety Time - Disney Will Start Wars 1:03:10

Geriatric Cinematic - Born on the Fourth of July (1989) 1:14:54

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