Hey, you. Yes. You. We've been watching things like we usually do and we have a full show for you.

In the news, we have Cops being canceled with no plan for return, but Live PD is still questionable. AMC is opening back up amidst movies like Tenet and Wonder Woman 1984 pushing their release dates back. Mark almost suffocated Kelsey with a bear hug over the sheer joy that Miles Morales will get his own game on the PS5.
Da 5 Bloods is our Recent Review. Variety Time centers around black shows and documentaries. We talk about things we recommend you watch regarding our current climate. Dead Presidents (1995) is our Geriatric Cinematic.
On next week's show, we discuss psychos! Our Recent Review will be Josephine Decker's Shirley, which you can find on Hulu and we'll take a look at The Talented Mr. Ripley. You can find the Anthony Minghella directed film to rent on Amazon, YouTube, and Apple iTunes.

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News - 4:41

Da 5 Bloods - 24:52

Spoilers - 40:34

Variety Time - Black Art & Documentaries You Should Watch 1:01:24

Geriatric Cinematic - Dead Presidents (1995) 1:24:51

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