Heeeeey! We decided to go back to our old format. We missed it so.

Here is what we have for you this week. There's news about postponing the Oscars, a Furiosa prequel, Bobba Fett is a sheriff, and Mark’s Man crush producing new material.  We are excited to tell you all about it! 

The Eddy is our Recent Review this week. Yeah, we binged that to give it a proper review. Plus, who doesn't like jazz?

Our Geriatric Cinematic, in keeping with the jazz theme, is Mo' Better Blues. We really miss seeing Denzel Washington on the big screen.

On next week's show, we see if Netflix's The Lovebirds can go on a double date with Something Wild. The 1986 Criterion selection (you read that right) can be found on HBO Now/Go or to rent on Vudu.

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News - 2:58

Netflix's The Eddy - 38:04

Spoiler - 51:54

Geriatric Cinematic - Mo' Better Blues (1990) 1:22:35

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