Hey everyone! We missed you! While it feels like forever since we released our last episode, be sure that this episode won't drag on as much as the week did.

We bring back our Try This, Not That. Mark has a Try This, Kelsey has a Not That, and the duo fawn over DEVS. We hope you've watched the Hulu series because we 're reviewing it next week. That's right! It's that freaking awesome and we need you to watch it so you can follow along.

 The new Westworld season is reaching its end and we are savoring the last bites with this week's Decoherence in our Rebooting Westworld

Our Geriatric Cinematic is Harlem Nights (1989). This is Kelsey's second viewing of an Eddie Murphy film from the '80s, but the more she sees the more she wants. And this was just a walk down memory lane for Mark. Does this hold up for either of them?

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Variety Time: Try This, Not That - 7:31

Rebooting Westworld - 33:22

Geriatric Cinematic: Harlem Nights (1989) 1:07:08

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