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Variety Time has us telling of all the spectacular stay at home events you can pick from. Like SXSW, Cannes and, Tribeca. A lot of the major film festival circuits are streaming past winners or current submissions, while some studios are teaming up with directors and actors to make watching movies a little extra special.

We go over all the detail on this week's Westworld in our Rebooting Westworld segment, so beware of spoilers. And Dolores.

Our Geriatric Cinematic this week is Robocop. The one from 1987. Not the crappy remake that no one remembers.  Directed by Paul Verhoeven of Starship Troopers fame, we find out if it still holds up?

Next week we're doing Harlem Nights which you can find on Amazon in preparation for the upcoming episode.

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Variety: Everyone Gets A Streaming Service! - 5:45

Rebooting Westworld - 21:10

Geriatric Cinematic: Robocop (1987) 58:50

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