We always have your back. We also want you to know what to steer clear of. That's right. Mark watched Bloodshot, and that's what our Variety Time segment is filled with. It was so bad he actually called out Vin Diesel for the time it took to view the film back. He goes into torturous detail as to what made it an awful watch.

We cover the fourth episode of Westworld's new season in our Rebooting Westworld segment. We talk about the HUGE reveal about the black pearls and Dolores.

Mark finally gets to show Kelsey Ninja Scroll for our Geriatric Cinematic. It's an interesting anime from 1993 and we discuss if it still holds up?

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Variety Time - F*&k Bloodshot- 5:02

Rebooting Westworld - 36:14

Geriatric Cinematic -Ninja Scroll (1993) 1:13:40

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