What do you get when you mix COVID-19 and The Reel Appeal? This new show
format. Mark and Kelsey do everything in
their normal episodes minus the news and Recent Review. Mark was still
able to find a connection to mention. This week, it’s Pandemonium.

Deathbed Do-Over makes a return this week. We talk about The Wolverine
and how the 3rd act could have been made better. Also, Kelsey
has an 8-week-old kitten named Patches.

Kelsey and Mark discuss the merits of a rare straight forward storyline from the latest episode of Westworld.

The best part of this week’s show, in Kelsey’s opinion which is the
only opinion that counts, is the Geriatric Cinematic. 1978's Invasion of the
Body Snatchers is up to bat and you will get Kelsey and Mark's take
on this classic sci-fi horror film. Unless they were already taken over by the pods.

Deathbed Do-over - 5:10

Rebooting Westworld - 12:31 

Geriatric Cinematic - Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978) 41:50


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