How is everyone? Are you all staying safe? Kelsey and Mark have a new
episode out for your listening pleasure, and the connection they're
doing is The Most Dangerous Game. So instead of playing a game of
"Should I go out and possibly die or not"--which is a decidedly very
dangerous game--stay in and decide between The Running Man and The

Before that, though, we have the news, where Kelsey and Mark talk
about Universal releasing movies early, Hollywood losing a ton of
money due to COVID-19, and Donald Glover (Mark's boo) has new music
streaming on his website.

The Hunt is our Recent Review. It was postponed a couple of times, and
it finally came out so we could see what all the fuss was about. It
has a lot of action. We get more into the message of the film in the
spoiler section, so make sure you've seen it before charging ahead.

Our mid-show segment this week and for the weeks ahead will be
Rebooting Westworld. Yes, this beautiful, amazing, genius show is back
for a third season on HBO and we dissect it each week. We'll help in
case you have any trouble figuring any of it out.

Our Geriatric Cinematic is The Running Man. Kelsey already knew it was
going to be an awesome movie because it came out the year she was
born. Arnold Schwarzenegger stars and it really has
some messages that coincide with society today. At least it largely
takes place inside so our PTSD over people being outside is not

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News - 9:40

The Hunt - 27:42

Spoilers - 41:07

Rebooting Westworld - 1:02:23

Geriatric Cinematic - The Running Man (1987) 1:40:34

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