We're baaaack! Mark is ardent and churlish as ever as we cover Kodak and film format, Steven Spielberg dipping out of directorship on Indiana Jones 5, and Bob Chapek taking over as CEO of Disney in the news.

Our Recent Review of The Invisible Man won't make you want to disappear. We promise. There is a lot to say about this film that was surprisingly good despite its plot holes, but we get to that in the show.

Variety Time has Try This, Not That making a comeback. Mark is halfway through the second season of Narcos: Mexico after a long hiatus and Kelsey will not shut up about I Am Not Okay With This. Or anything else, really.

Our Geriatric Cinematic this week is War of the Roses. What. A. Wild. Ride. Danny DeVito is in this, and while he tells a tale of a couple he once knew ripping each other to shreds, we revel in the afterglow of carnage and the lengths people will go to just to have the last word. Or Staffordshire figurine.

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News - 3:14

Recent Review: The Invisible Man - 27:12

Spoilers - 37:43

Variety Time: Try This, Not That - 1:03:11

Geriatric Cinematic: War of the Roses (1989) 1:13:33

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