Hey! Valentine's Day was last week! What better way to celebrate that and Black History Month all wrapped up into one than by watching The Photograph as our Recent Review and Boomerang as our Geriatric Cinematic Review? We obviously couldn't think of one, so here we are, wining and dining your ears with these two love stories about people who are Black, successful and beautiful.

Our news segment features stories about the last man standing at the almost defunct MovieFone.  We also get into NBC's The Hunt coming back and a sneak peek of Robert Pattinson's Batman.

After our Recent Review, we do our Variety Time, where we go over new innovations in filming: namely, a vertical format blockbuster. Is it a case of just because you can don't mean you should? Or will it really bend the known walls of filmmaking?

With the love of The Photograph and fun of Boomerang, our final conversation will be on which film did Black, successful and beautiful better? Will you agree?

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News - 4:21

The Photograph - 26:53

Spoilers - 38:48

Variety Time: Vertical Blockbuster - 57:40

Geriatric Cinematic - Boomerang (1992) 1:06:55

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