What's better than female badassery, where women take back their independence and generally just get stuff done? I would say nothing. Not even Ignacius Mark. 

Actually, we can think of something that comes close. The Oscars were this week, and Bong Joon Ho won BIG with Parasite. He had the best reactions to his wins and is the cutest and most deserving director ever.
Our Recent Review of Birds of Prey was a great female redemption from the previous week. Unfortunately, it's not doing as well as it deserves at the box office, and we talk about some of the reasons why.

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News - 4:38

Birds Of Prey - 32:18

Spoilers - 45:24

Variety Time: Mark’s Trip Aboard the Starship Enterprise - 1:04:27

Geriatric Cinematic - Set It Off (1996) 1:19:43

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