Percussion. Wind. Music that comes together to soothe your soul. Or maybe just bad gas. Either way, we're back to tell you about some things. We're a little light on news, just covering Pee-wee Herman himself wanting a dark film about--himself, and Fast and Furious 9 dropping the most ridiculous trailer ever. 

 Our Recent Review this week is The Rhythm Section. Coming out the gate like a soulful take on a woman's liberation and revenge, it really wound up being more like a stinky fart. Bodum-tssss.

Variety Time consists of a great question posed to us in a segment we like to call Mail Bag. A listener emailed us to ask what our annual watches are and we couldn't stop talking about ourselves, like a couple of narcists.

We, of course, paired our Recent Review with Road to Perdition for our Geriatric Cinematic, keeping in line with our familial revenge connection. Neither Mark nor Kelsey watched it prior to seeing it for this episode, and wow... We can't say enough about it.  

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News - 3:00

The Rhythm Section - 30:26

Spoilers - 44:54

Variety Time: Mail Bag - 1:11:20

Geriatric Cinematic - Road To Perdition (2002) 1:29:00

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