Gentlemen on a good Friday. Are they still gentlemen when it's not a good Friday? What about any other day of the week? Before we find out, we talk about Howard the Duck and Tigra & Dazzler not moving forward with Hulu, the Obi-Wan Kenobi series has been delayed due to script rewrites and a new writer, and the sudden passing of Kobe Bryant, his daughter and others in a helicopter crash this past weekend. We're usually tongue-in-cheek, but somberness and awkward emotions were in order for this one. We're sure you understand the switch up.

Our Recent Review this week is The Gentlemen. Kelsey get's her first taste of what Guy Ritchie makes by way of British gangster films, and they both get to fawn over the stylish dress of some very handsome men. Also, accents. Lots of beautiful accents.

Variety Time this week is Simon Says! Yes, Simon Gruber has asked another question, which lead to another and another. No, subpoenas are not exciting, Agents and Special Agents are very similar, and here is an infographic on the difference between the FBI and the CIA. Mostly, we now realize that, yes, we have way too many acronymed agencies that do very similar things. Way. Too. Many.

Our Geriatric Cinematic Review this week is The Long Good Friday. It's a British gangster film, chosen for exactly that reason to go with The Gentlemen like red wine and cheese. We encounter a really young Pierce Brosnan, Bob Hoskins at his best and lots of violence.

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News - 2:14

The Gentlemen - 25:13

Spoilers - 39:41

Variety Time: Simon Says - 1:00:12

Geriatric Cinematic - The Long Good Friday (1980) 1:10:31

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