Nobody naw give you no bray-ache. Police naw give you no break. Especially the police in our two films this week. Bad Boys For Life is our Recent Review, and Lethal Weapon is our Geriatric Cinematic. What is our connection? You guessed it! Or maybe you didn't. We're talking buddy cops!

First, we cover the news, where we discuss Disney re-branding their Fox acquisitions, Colin Treverrow's version of Star Wars Episode IX would have been amazing and Mindhunter is in trouble on Netflix. Mark even finds a moment to talk about Film Critic Hulk's article breaking down what the issues actually were with Joker. Don't worry. It's not a sob-fest. Neither are our Variety Time stories. Those are a fun-fest.

The best part of our episode this week is diving into which film did the buddy cop thing best. Will you agree? Disagree? Agree to disagree? You naw give us no bray-ache...? Fine. But you'll have fun anyway.

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News - 2:58

Bad Boys For Life - 18:53

Spoilers - 36:40

Variety Time - Mark: Check, check, aaand check / Kelsey’s cat is dead to her 64:31

Geriatric Cinematic - Lethal Weapon (1987) 1:24:11


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