Hey everybody! It's that special time of year again! Not Christmas, or New Year, or your yearly trip to see your grandmother (you should really go visit her more). Nay, it is awards season and the Golden Globes have wrought terror and solace alike.

Once we get past the Globes (and Kelsey going on about her stupid cat), we get into the meat and potatoes of the podcast, reviewing stuff.

Our Recent Review this week is Bong Joo-Ho's Parasite. Did Kelsey and Mark fan-girl over this film? Yes they did. Should you see it right this second? Yes you should. Already watched it? Watch it again.

We did our What the F*** Did We Just Watch segment, covering Cats. Mark kidnapped Kelsey and made her go see this film with him. He now thinks he's a Jellicle Cat.

And what was our Geriatric Cinematic? Why, John Carpenter's Escape From New York, of course. It was chosen for three reasons. One is because it's a commentary on social class like our Recent Review. Second, Mark likes it. Did Kelsey seem it a relevant and moderately watchable film in the 2nd decade of this millennium? Maybe just listen and find out.

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Golden Globes Recap - 15:50

Recent Review - Parasite 44:00

Spoilers - 54:04

What the F*** Did We Just Watch - Cats 1:18:28

Geriatric Cinematic - Escape From New (1981) 1:35:56

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