Want to live out your fantasies of murdering the people who bother you the most? If you answered yes, what is wrong with you?! Get some help! Or maybe just watch one of the films we're covering this week, as they are murderous whodunits that will fill your empty soul.

Mark and Kelsey talk about themselves (ugh), then the news about MST3K and Godzilla vs. Kong. After that, it's Knives Out as the Recent Review. Find out if it's good or if Rian Johnson should just stick with Star Wars.

Mark and Kelsey dissect HBO'S Watchmen latest episode with surgical precision (I know, a scalpel isn't exactly a knife but I tried).

Then on to the Geriatric Cinematic! Deathtrap is a film from 1982, but it is far from old and on death's door. Check it out before listening so you can properly plot with us. I mean listen to us. No colluding.

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News - 10:50

Knives Out - 20:21

Spoilers - 31:36

We Watch the Watchmen - 48:27

Geriatric Cinematic - Deathtrap (1982) 1:21:40

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