What's fast and red and filled with testosterone? Well, either way, you look at it, it could be boxing gloves or race car as we are covering Raging Bull for our Geriatric Cinematic and Ford v Ferrari for our Recent Review this week.

But let's not get too far ahead of ourselves. We cover the news first, where Kelsey eats her words about James Dean, Disney+ has finally launched and we're taking the good with the bad, and Netflix is coming out swinging with some awesome news.

After "technical difficulties", we are back for episode five of HBO's Watchmen in our We Watch the Watchmen segment. This is honestly one of our favorite segments this week. If you haven't started watching the show, what is wrong with you?! Watch it and geek out with us!

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News - 12:11

Ford v Ferrari- 37:49

Spoilers - 51:15

We Watch the Watchmen - 1:06:35

Geriatric Cinematic - Raging Bull (1980) 1:32:53

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