Reel Appeal hosts Mark and Kelsey of  are at it again, covering Netflix’s renewal of Russian Doll and the plot of the Fantastic Four/X-Men crossover that didn't happen but totally could have been a franchise-saver. But probably not.

Mark has recommendations on what to watch and what not to watch in our  Try This, Not That segment. He has opinions. Maybe he's just being bossy, idk.

The Dead Don't Die is our recent review choice and is a very long-winded topic. You'll find out why. Simon! Mr. Gruber! He's got more questions for us Americans from across the pond. Of course, his knowledge of American culture comes from American films and he is bewildered, to say the least. This week's Geriatric Cinematic is Wes Anderson's 2001 The Royal Tenenbaums. Is it still good?  

Finally, before you go, check out this link to Vice if you've seen Russian Doll and are a fan of Natasha Lyonne like we are.

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News - 4:50

Try This, Not That - 17:21

The Dead Don't Die - 29:50

Spoilers - 37:25

Simon Says - 1:06:53

Geriatric Cinematic - The Royal Tenenbaums (2001) 1:17:00

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