Mark and Kelsey are back to their usual shenanigans after they took an unexpected break (it was all Mark's fault with his faulty back) and their San Diego Comic-Con episodes.

This week we cover the possibility of Mad Max sequels and a Furiosa movie, Hulu and Disney+, and Todd Phillips' Joker movie a possible Venice Film Festival winner and Oscar contender.

Our topic for discussion this week is the scourge of the Internet, the bane of social media users alike: clickbait.

Mark recommends Star Trek: Discovery. Kelsey has nothing to recommend, yet again. Why do we call it Try This Not That? It should be, Mark's Flick Picks.

We got so wound up talking about Once Upon A Time In Hollywood that we didn't have time for our Simon Says segment. Poor Mr. Gruber. Shunned. We'll hear from him again, I hope.

We head straight into our Geriatric Cinematic of Easy Rider, where Kelsey drops a bomb about her disdain for a certain well known and respected actor. What is wrong with her?

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News - 5:01

Top Discussion - 22:14

Try This Not That - 37:36

Once Upon A Time In Hollywood - 46:49

Spoilers - 1:02:23

Geriatric Cinematic - Easy Rider (1969) 1:36:21

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