This week, our episode revolves around societal deconstruction. Sounds fun, huh? It's not all doom and gloom though, we promise.

We actually have some news to talk about! The Academy is finally opening the floodgates for VOD nominated films. Nicole Cage signs up for the role he was born to play as Joe Exotic in the Tiger King scripted series. Also, Mark's hope for Star Wars has finally been restored when Taika Waititi is announced to direct a feature film set in a galaxy far far away.

Then, on to Rebooting Westworld, the duo discuss Westworld's season three finale, Crisis Theory.

Our Geriatric Cinematic this week is Demolition Man. We tell you where the 3 seashell thing comes from. We know you're dying to find out!

Next week's show we give a critical and comedic watch on Jackie Chan's classic film, Police Story. You can find it streaming on the Criterion Channel.

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News - 3:00

Rebooting Westworld: Crisis Theory - 25:07

Geriatric Cinematic: Demolition Man (1993) 1:13:25

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